The Chair Region

The Chair Region of the Regional Council and the Regional Committee


100px-Kainuu.vaakuna.svg.pngKainuu, Finland, holds the Chairmanship 2015-2017

Chairmanship Program 2015-2017

in English | Russian | Finnish

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Kainuun liitto
Regional Council of Kainuu
Members of the Regional Council
Members of the Regional Committee


Photo: Vuokatti picture bank.


Past chairs

Arkhangelsk, Russia, held the Chairmanship 2013-2015
Chairmanship Program 2013-2015, in English | Russian

Norrbotten, Sweden, held the Chairmanship 2011-2013
Chairmanship Program 2011-2013: English | Russian 
Program as leaflet: English | Russian 

Troms County Council, Norway, held the Chairmanship 2009-2011
Program in English | Norwegian | Russian

Children and Youth at Risk cooperation programme

The Children and Youth at Risk cooperation programme, adopted by and owned by the Joint Working Group on Health and related Social Issues, has their own section on the Barents Cooperation web page.

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During two missions, in 2007 and 2012, Swedish journalist Tom Juslin traveled through the Nordic countries to find out how climate change affects people, animals and nature - "Climate Journey" opens the planned series of exhibitions in in Kirkenes

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