Forest Sector Task Force

Barents Forest Sector Network (BFSN)

- a subgroup of the Working Group on Economic Co-operation in the Barents Region


The Barents Forest Sector Task Force was established in May 2000. The main objectives of the BFSTF are to create necessary conditions for the development of forestry, environmental care, and wood-based industries through cooperation, mutual concrete actions, projects and programmes within the forest sector of the Barents Region. The main effrts of the BFSTF include, but not limited to the following: 

  • Efforts to develop model forests and the model forest concept in the Barents Region: 
  • A Northern Dimention Forest Sector Programme, finalized in 2001 with the objective to   identify and achieve common yargets for sustainable forestry and livelyhoods through collaboration amongst Northern Dimension countries;
  • Establishment of three networks: logistic chain of trade of timber and other wood products, utilisation of forest resourses and wood based energy, and cooperation and collaboration between forest authorities.

 New approach for forest sector cooperation

A new operational approach emphasizing network based cooperation between the members for the BFSTF was approved in the joint meeting on May 23, 2014 in Helsinki. Accordingly, the name of the Group was changed into the Barents Forest Sector Network (BFSN).

The aim of the BFSN is to promote sustainable management of forest resourses , to follow and timely contribute to BEAC activities, to advocate balanced and coherent view on forests as well as on products and services they provide. To this end the BFSN is to:
      - promote economically, socially and envirinmentally sustainable management of forest resources, and
      - contribbute to conditions of sustainable and multifaceted utilization of forest resources and to promote ecosystem services in the Barents Region.


The new mandate of the BFSN
Facts and figures of the Barents forest sector 
Barents Forest Forum,
Preconditions for Forest Sector Investments in the Northern Europe. Joensuu 8-9 November 2007
Forest Task Force, Finland



Nikita Pavlovich (chair)
Chief of Unit
North-West Region Forestry Department
Tel: +7 8125923991, +7 9218559369

Ivan Sovetnikov
Head of the Legal Department of the Federal Agency of Forestry
Tel: +7 4959511132

Natalia Demidova 
Deputy Director
Northern Research Institute of Forestry 
Tel: +7 8182612679
Konstantin Doronin
Minister of Natural Resources and 
Timber Industrial Complex of the Arkhangelsk Region
Tel.: +7 8182207776, +7 9214946770


Mr. Tatu Torniainen, D.Sc.(For.)
Ministerial Adviser
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Tel:  +358 295162162


Terje Hoel
Ministry of Agriculture and Food 
Tel: +47 22249249


Lars Andersson
Senior Adviser / International Coordinator
Swedish Forest Agency
Tel. +46 54555721

Esbj√∂rn Andersson 
Hon. Professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Tel. +46 22234953, +46 703734340 

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