Steering Committee for the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area (BEATA)

The need for co-operation on transport between the countries of the Barents Region was raised at a meeting of the Ministers for Transport of the BEAC, in Arkhangelsk in September 1996. The Barents Region was subsequently introduced into the EU transport co-operation as a Transport Area, decided at the third Pan-European Transport Conference in Helsinki in 1997. The identification of transport corridors on a European scale started at the second Pan-European Transport Conference in Crete in 1994, where several EU transport corridors and four Pan-European Transport Areas were defined.

The BEATA co-operation was established and guidelines for its work drawn up at a meeting in Copenhagen in May 1998 between the Ministers for Transport from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden and representatives from the European Commission. A Steering Committee for the BEATA was set up. The main aim is to strengthen co-operation in order to create an efficient transport system in the Barents Region that integrates the different means of transport. The co-operation includes border crossing points, customs co-operation, maintenance and reconstruction as well as new projects to improve the infrastructure.

The Steering Committee is required to submit a report once a year to the BEAC and to the European Commission. The chairmanship of the Steering Committee rotates between the members on a two-year basis. The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication has established a permanent secretariat in Helsinki to assist the Steering Committee.

The Joint Barents Transport Plan, updated September 2015


Russian Federation

Sergey Andreev (Chair)
Ministry of Transport
Tel: +7 4994950571

Elena Kushnirenko
Ministry of Transport
Tel: +7 4956269124


Kjell Rosanoff
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Tel: +47 22248306

Per Munkerud
Nordland County Council
Tel: +47 75 65 03 80


Lena Kling
Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
tel. +46 84052306, +46 703424700

Jeannette Jarmlinger
Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications
Tel. +46 84051725

Bo-Erik Ekblom
Länsstyrelsen, Norrbotten
Tel: +46 92096151, +46 706396151


Tuija Maanoja
Senior Specialist
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Tel: +358 916028686, +358 405447947

Sabina Lindström
Senior Adviser

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Tel: +358 295342576, +358 405276103

 Martti Miettinen 
C/O Transys Ltd 
Tel: +358 400514755

European Union

Catharina Sikow-Magny
European Commission
Tel: +32 22962125

Calendar of Events
BEATA Steering Committee Meeting
Place: Arkhangelsk, Russia

BEAC ministerial meeting on transport
Place: Arkhangelsk, Russia

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