Education and Research

Joint Working Group on Education and Research

The first Regional Working Group on Education and Research (BEAR WGER) was established in 2001 after the Barents Council had approved an Exchange Programme for Higher Education and Research in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region with a Programme Board consisting of representatives from relevant authorities in order to facilitate exchanges in higher education and research. After having finished its task the Programme Board was closed, and the activities then were passed to the Working Group on Education and Research (WGER).

In 2004 by the decision of the Committee of Senior Officials BEAC it was transformed into a new Joint Working Group on Education and Research (JWGER). Several international forums on education have been held on the basis of different Barents Region universities, that proves there is joint activities and successful collaboration among the Barents universities. The present work of the group is carried out through regular forums on education and research hosted by an institution of higher education and research in any of the member countries.

The objective of the JWGER is to further strengthen academic cooperation in the Barents Region in response to growing international challenges and needs in the field of human resources, research and innovation.

More information on education and research in the Barents Region can be found here.

Members of the Joint Working Group on Education and Research


Marina Kalinina (co-chair)
Vice-rector of International Cooperation
Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Tel: +7 8182216160, +7 9217210944

Lyubov Zarubina (secretary)
Head of International Cooperation Development Department
Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Tel: +7 8182218927

Liudmila Gerashchenko
First Vice-Rector
Murmansk State Technical University
Tel: +7 8152253687

Natalia Anikeeva
Head of International Cooperation Department
Murmansk State Technical University
Tel: +7 9113415106

Elena Skiotis
Head of International Cooperation Department
International Institute of Business Education (MIBO)
Tel: +7 9508939167

Vladimir Masloboev
Kola Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences
Tel: +7 9113030870

Yuriy Sumarokov
Head of the Department of International Cooperation
Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk
Tel:+7 8182285759, +7 9212445216

Nina Nesterova
The Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration
Tel: +7 8212242218

Anton Grigoriev
Head of International Department
Ukhta State Technical University
Tel: +7 9042739664

Natalia Sergieva
Vice Rector on International Cooperation
Syktyvkar State University
Tel: +7 9041006283

Liudmila Kulikovskaya
Director of the Institute of International Programmes
Petrozavodsk State University
Tel: +7 8142711089

Natalia Sedusova
Head of International Relations Department
Syktyvkar Forest Institute
Tel: +7 9129650334


Outi Snellman (co-chair)
Director of International Relations
University of Lapland

Mikko Keränen
Development Manager
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Tel: + 358 447101620

Minna Nousiainen
International Coordinator, Department of Social Studies
University of Lapland
Tel: +358 400813867


Sigrid Ag
Head of International Office
The Arctic University of Norway
Tel: +47 7623368

Jan Selmer Methi
Associate Professor
University of Nordland
Tel: +47 75517849

Monica Brobakk
Head of International Office
University of Nordland
Tel: +47 75517803


Elinor Blomberg 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Fredsgatan 6 
SE-103 33 Stockholm, Sweden 
Tel: +46 8 405 90 55 
Mob: +46 72 506 12 58 

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