Barents HIV/AIDS Programme

The Barents HIV/AIDS Programme was established in 2005. The first programme was estimated for 10 years and completed in 2015. Now, a new Barents HIV/AIDS Programme was adopted, which is effective till 2019. The Programme aims to reduce the spread of HIV in the Barents Region through a multisectoral and multinational action. Participating countries include Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russian Federation, especially the North Western Oblasts (Murmansk and Archangelsk Regions, the Republics of Karelia and Komi, Nenets Autonomic Region and Northwest representation from St. Petersburg). Components of the programme include legislation and policy questions, human resources development, enhancing of prevention and surveillance activities, accessibility of ARV treatment, human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and coordination of activities between different sectors.

Almost 40 projects have been completed by spring 2016 and several are being implemented as part of the Barents HIV/AIDS Programme and Northern Dimension Partnership on Public Health and Social Well-being.

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A low-threshold centre “Doverie” was established within the pilot project of the Programme in Murmansk. The centre offers counseling, testing for HIV and hepatitis and other services for drug users and sex workers.

The Steering Committee of the Programme is chaired by Prof. Nikolai Belyakov, Director of the Russian Northwest AIDS Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Barents HIV/AIDS Programme 2015-2019, in English and Russian

Contact information

St. Petersburg, Russia
Russian Northwest AIDS Centre
Prof. Nikolay Belyakov
14, Street Mira
197101 St. Petersburg, Russia

Ms. Elena Sergeevna Popova
Chief Doctor
Archangelsk Regional AIDS Centre
20, Chumbarova Luchinskogo Street
163061 Arkhangelsk, Russia

Temporary co-ordinator:
Mr. Dmitry Titkov
Programme Coordinator
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
P.O. Box 30
FI-00271 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Mannerheimintie 166
Tel./mobile  +358 295247051


Ms. Outi Karvonen
Project Manager
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
P.O. Box 30 
FI-00271 Helsinki
Visiting address: Mannerheimintie 166
Tel: +358 29 524 7046


Ms. Elena Popova
Chief Doctor
Archangelsk Regional AIDS Centre
20 Chumbarova Luchinskogo street
163061 Arkhangelsk

Mr. Sergei Belov
Chief Doctor
Republican AIDS Centre
17A, Vidanskaya street
185 031 Petrozavodsk

Republic of Komi
Mr. Sergei Pogan
Chief Doctor
Republican AIDS Centre
103, Pushkina St.
167 004 Syktyvkar

Mr. Valery Peretruchin
Minister of Health of the Murmansk Region
20 Profsojuzov St.
183038 Murmansk

Mr. Viacheslav Zinkevich
Chief Doctor
Murmansk Regional AIDS Centre
Tralovaya 47
183950 Murmansk

Nenets Autonomous District (Okrug)
Dr. Vitali Nosov
Specialist on Infectious Diseases
Nenets District Hospital
Lenin street, 4 (Pyrerka str. 13a)
Naryan-Mar, Nenets Autonomous District

North-West Federal Region (Okrug) 
Dr. Dmitry Lioznov 
Head, Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology 
Pavlov State Medical University
6/8 Lev Tolstoy St.
197022, St. Petersburg


Dr. Anders Tegnell
State Epidemiologist and Director
Department of Monitoring and Evaluation
Public Health Agency of Sweden
SE-17182 Solna


Mr. Hans Blystad
Senior medical epidemiologist
Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
P O Box 4404 Nydalen
N-0403 Oslo

Mr. Harald Siem
Senior Adviser
Department of Global Health
Directorate of Health
Universitetsgata 2
P O Box 7000 St Olavs plass
N-0130 Oslo

Ms. Janicke Fischer
Senior Adviser
Department of Global Health
Directorate of Health
Universitetsgata 2
P.O.Box 7000 St. Olavs plass
NO-0130 Oslo

Document archive of the Barents HIV/AIDS Programme

Document archive of the Joint Working Group on Health and related Social issues

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