Investment and Economic Cooperation

Regional Working Group on Investments and Economic Cooperation

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RWGIEC meeting in Stockholm 2016. 

The mandate of the Working Group was adopted in the end of 2006 and it meant in practice, that it was possible to start the group’s actual activities in 2007.

The main tasks of the working group are:

  • to assess business infrastructure from the practical viewpoint of the region’s SMEs
  • to propose to the officials the improvement of business climate and operational conditions
  • to arrange meetings between administrations and business life 
  • to distribute information 
  • to encourage SMEs for cross-border economic cooperation 
  • to build up sub-contractor networks so that SMEs could participate the big-scale projects 
  • to start a dialogue between the big companies and SMEs in the region 
  • to combat trade barriers
  • to inform about the transportation needs of companies 
  • to cooperate with different sector programmes

The mandate also stated the composition of the working group with a representative from all member regions. The representative should also have experience from business life. The working group’s chairmanship rotates every second year.



Ine Charlotte Paulsen (Chair)  
Specialist Director Russia/CIS
Trade Policy Department
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
Tel. +47 416 74 713

Christian Chramer
Regional director, NHO Troms
Tel. +47 77662525, +47 92882360


Tomas Blomster
Företagarna Norrbotten

Torbjörn Halvardsson
Företagarna Västerbotten
Tel: +46 703410595

Semen Vuimenkov 
Minister on Economic Development of the Arkhangelsk Region
Tel: +7 8182288392, +7 9212455038

Elena Tihonova
Minister of Economic Development of the Murmansk Region
Tel: +7 8152486232, +7 8152486440

Anton Fridman
Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Komi 
Tel. +7 8212214508


Martti Kankaanranta
Entrepreneurs of Länsipohja
Tel.: +358 500693745

Paavo Keränen 
Regional Council of Kainuu
Tel.: +358 447100853 

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