Transport and logistics

Regional Working Group on Transport and Logistics

RWGTL meeting in Tromsø, March 2016. 

A Regional Working Group on Transport and Logistics (RWGTL) was established in 1993 and presented the report "Transport Analysis of the Barents Region" in 1997. The report was updated in 1999 taking into account new member counties in the Barents Region. The analysis was based on the transport situation in the region and on a set of studies on future transportation demand related to the forest-, ore and mineral-, fishing, gas and oil industry, general freight transportation and passenger transportation.

The recommendations of the analysis were to:

  • Establish a Barents regional backbone network.
  • Establish a heavy freight network.
  • Establish a Barents transport and forwarding company.
  • Create conditions to establish cross-border passenger transport.

The work in the WGC follows an Action Programme focusing on two issues:

  1. To turn into concrete activities and projects the recommendations given in the report "Transport Analysis of the Barents Region"
  2. To co-operate closely with the BEATA Steering Committee within the framework of the Interreg project ‘Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region’ granted for the period 2003-2005 and 2006-2007. It will result in studies and plans covering the entire Barents Region in a coherent way.

The regional working group for transportation cooperation in the Barenst region has during the period of 2003-2007 (five years) practically been replaced by the Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region (STBR) project. County administrative board of Norrbotten has been the lead partner.

RWGC_Kajaani_22_March_2011.JPGSTBR is a common interest for the EU/ministry and the regional level. As agreed between this levels STBR have been the tool very much taking care of the practical transport cooperation in the Barents region.

The partners have agreed to continue the cooperation organized in the same way. The partners are now working on the "Barents Freeway" project aimed at preparing a common Regional Transport Plan for the Barents Region. The work will be based on studies made during the project, the national transport strategies and the ministerial level Joint Barents Transport Plan. This will be made in close cooperation with BEATA and NDPTL.

The mandate for the RWGC, adopted by the Barents Regional Committee November 2010.



Hannu Heikkinen (chair)
Planning Director
Regional Council of Kainuu
Tel: +358 447100864

Roman Gokkoev (secretary)
Manager of International Affairs
Council of Oulu Region
Tel: +358 405392133

Jussi Rämet
Planning Director
Council of Oulu Region
Tel: +358 405863877

Sami Laakkonen
Development Manager
Regional Council of North Karelia
Tel: +358 504431661

Riitta Lönnström
Planning Director
Regional Council of Lapland
Tel: +358 400240504

Jaakko Ylinampa
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland
Tel: +358 295037199

Russian Federation

Alexey Markov
Chair Deputy
Committee on Transport of the Republic of Karelia
Tel: +7 8142578558

Vadim Krivov
Minister on Transport of the Arkhangelsk Region
Tel: +7 8182656643, +7 9116805556

Mikhail Yakovlev
Road Agency of the Arkhangelsk Region  (Arkhangelsk Avtodor)
Tel: +7 8182206455, +7 9210766020

Alexander Melentev
Senior Engineer
Murmansk Avtodor

Sergei Ivanov
Vice-Minister of Industry and Energy of the Republic of Komi


Mikael Bergström
Chief Transportation Officer
County Administration of Västerbotten
Tel: +46 102254475, +46 708788264

Mårten Edberg
Infrastructure Strategist
Region Västerbotten
Tel: +46 90165745, +46 702168625

Bo-Erik Ekblom
Chief Transportation Officer
County Adminstration of Norrbotten 
Tel: +46 102255271, +46 706396151


Odd Steinar Viseth
Communications Manager
County Council of Nordland
Tel: +47 45070900

Eirik Selmer
Special Adviser
County Council of Finnmark
Tel: +47 78963120, +47 92249441

Bjørn Kavli
Head of Transport Department
County Council of Troms
Tel: +47 99293028

Marius Chramer
NHO Troms
Tel: +47 92882360

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