Committee of Senior Officials

Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council

The Committee of Senior Officials serves as the administrator of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, and follows the Manual for administrative matters of the Barents co-operation, as adopted by the CSO on June 17, 2008

The CSO consists of civil servants representing the governments of the six member countries and the European Commission, and is led by the BEAC Chair. Representatives from the nine observer states are also often given the possibility to participate. The CSO meets on a regular basis 4-5 times per year and most often in the BEAC Chair state.

The activities of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) have expanded over time. A number of working groups have been established to assist the CSO. The working groups report to the CSO each year and the CSO gives guidance to the groups. The CSO has the mandate to establish new working groups or terminate groups that have completed their task.


2014-03-19 CSO Inari.jpg 

CSO meeting in Inari, Finland, 18-19 March 2014
L-R: Tiina Sanila-Aikio (WGIP, Saami), Leena Saarikoski (MFA Finland), Anna Sverrisdottir (Iceland), Marja Liivala (MFA Finland), Galina Arteeva (WGIP, Nenets), Larisa Chirkova (WGIP, Veps), Marja-Leena Vuorenpää (CSO Chair, Finland), Dag Stangnes (MFA Norway), Anja Salo (WGIP), Martin Skylv (EU), Sergey Petrovich (MFA Russia), Yury Nikiforov (IBS), Petri Haapalainen (WGEC Chair, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland), Ari Sirén (IBS), Alexey Kalinin (RC Chair)

Photos from previous meetings

Members of the Committee of Senior Officials of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Ms. Marja-Leena Vuorenpää,
Barents Ambassador,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 428, 00023 Government, Finland
Tel: +358 295 351475
Ms. Laura Quist
Senior Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Finland, Unit for Regional Cooperation
P.O.Box 428 (Laivastokatu 22 G)
00023 Government, Finland
Tel. +358 295 351 413

Mr. Mikael Anzén
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Arctic Council Secretariat
SE-103 33 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 405 90 55
Mob: +46 70 287 78 35

Russian Federation
Mr. Sergey Petrovich
Head of the regional cooperation unit
Second European Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Smolenskaya-Sennaya Sq. 32/34
119200 Moscow,  G-200
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 499 244 26 97
Mob: +7 916 105 76 62
Fax: +7 499 244 17 97

Mr. Finn Christian Nordli 
Senior Adviser, Section for Russia, Eurasia and regional cooperation 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
0032 Oslo, Norway
Tel. +47 23 95 16 16 

Ms. Hrund Hafsteinsdottir, Specialist
Directorate for International and Security Affairs
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Raudararstig 25
IS-150 Reykjavik, Iceland
Tel: +354   tbc
Mobile: +354   tbc
Fax: +354   tbc

Ms. Gitte Hundahl
Minister Counsellor/Northern Europe
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2, Asiatisk Plads
DK-1448 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel: +45 33 92 03 04
Fax: +45 33 92 04 73

European External Action Service (EEAS)
Ms. Zuzanna Bieniuk
EEAS Policy Officer - Arctic and Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Division for Eastern Partnership, Regional Cooperation and OSCE,
Office EEAS 5/021, 242 Rue de la Loi,
1046 Bxl - Belgium
Tel: +32 2 584 9643

Working Group on Indigenous Peoples
Ms. Christina Henriksen
Tel: +47 90 91 91 31


CSO 2014 Meeting Schedule

March 18-19 - Inari 
June 16-17 - Kajaani 
October 7-8 - Oulu 
December 16-17 - Rovaniemi 

CSO 2013 Meeting Schedule

March 20-21 - Bodø
June 3-4 - Kirkenes
September 4-5 - Oslo
October 7-8 - Oslo
October 27-28 - Tromso
December 12-13 - Helsinki 

CSO 2012 Meeting Schedule
February 9 - Kirkenes
May 21-22 - Harstad
September 10-12 - Svolvær
December 4-5 - Oslo

CSO 2011 Meeting Schedule

2st-4nd February - Jokkmokk
18th-20th May - Luleå
15th-16th September - Stockholm
10th October - Kiruna
December 7-8 - Oslo

CSO 2010 Meeting Schedule

11th-12th October - Kiruna, Abisko
1st-2nd February - Stockholm
19th-20th May - Umeå

CSO 2009 Meeting Schedule

18th-19th February - Petrozavodsk
28th-29th May - Syktyvkar
27th-28th August - Arkhangelsk Region
12th-13th October - Murmansk

CSO 2008 Meeting Schedule

8-9 April  -  Moscow (Permanent Mission of the Komi Region)
17-18 June  -  Naryan-Mar
15-17 September  -  Solovki, Archangelskaya Oblast 

Nature conservation in focus

The VIII Habitat Contact Forum will gather nature conservation experts to Petrozavodsk in the end of September to disuss current themes of biodiversity and the forests, wetlands and coastal areas of the Barents region.

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Photo exhibition at the International Barents Secretariat

During two missions, in 2007 and 2012, Swedish journalist Tom Juslin traveled through the Nordic countries to find out how climate change affects people, animals and nature.

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